Can Apple Clean My Macbook?

Apple has several cleaning programs designed for Macbook users. With these programs you can easily clean your Macbook.

Unlike programs downloaded from the browser, the programs are fully certified. Because you know that the virus won’t get infected, you can clean your Macbook comfortably. I will mention two of these Apple applications;

  1. You can easily make room on your disk with ‘‘CleanMyMac 3’’

This application is the ideal application for users who do not want to apply cleaning methods manually. It gives you a huge gain in terms of time. CleanMyMac 3 contains almost all the methods you need to make space for your disk. Another application is the application to clear these copy files.

  1. Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is a disk cleanup tool designed by Mac as well as CleanMyMac. This small program, which finds and destroys copied files in the system, will benefit most users of older devices.

Because from time to time, most of the file backup copy of the system can take a large place in the system. This is only possible after the disk is full. But with Gemini 2 you can easily find these copies and wipe them without taking up space.


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