How Do Clean My Mac?

Mac cleaning is very important for Mac maintenance. There are many questions about where to start cleaning and what needs to be cleaned.

Let’s give you a few details to ensure that you can solve these problems one by one. We can start with cleaning up unnecessary files and documents when we start cleaning, and then we can overcome this situation by using a few programs.

One of these programs is ‘‘Terminal’’. You can use Terminal to clean system logs and unnecessary temporary files. But the most important thing to note that I can not pass without specifying is to be done right. If it is not done correctly, you may have cleaned up unwanted things or deleted them. I will tell you how to do this in order to avoid this.

  1. From the Spotlight, type Terminal.
  2. In the Terminal, type ‘‘sudo periodic daily weekly monthly’’. Then enter your Mac admin password after typing it
  3. Wait for the operation to occur. After the process is completed, you will return to the Terminal opening window.
  4. We have stated in our previous articles that many programs have slowed Mac. You may find this question in mind. Does the terminal slow my Mac? How can I trust it?
  5. Terminal is a command writing program available on Unix based operating systems. The biggest reason for finding the Terminal in Macos X is that Mac users have the right to create the right control. Mac slowdown is not even in the right use.

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