How Do I Clean My Macbook?

There are a few ways you should do a non-program in Macbook cleaning. The biggest question of Mac users who don’t trust programs ‘‘How do I clean my Macbook?’’. There are simple ways you need to do on your own.

These roads are both the most reliable ones and the way the user feels most comfortable. I would like to point out that important documents and files will be protected by you.

The following options are available for users who want to do a Macbook cleaning;

Waste disposal

While this may seem quite easy, you may not know that there are many trash bins in the operating system if you are just starting out with Macbook.

However, files such as galleries and e-mails can be kept in their own garbage bins. In such cases, deleted documents and files inside the application will be sent to the trash can in the same way.

You can open applications and delete them from your own trash. This way will also be useful for Macbook cleaning.

Delete unused files and documents

Macbook users who are full of disk space are no longer able to store files they are not using. Because no matter which way you use it, the most important thing to do for Mac cleaning is to delete unused applications.

Deleting temporary files

Perhaps most of you don’t know that your own application profiles have been created from your previously used applications to your computer system. This kind of application profiles can make disk refills and can be found in places you don’t see. Therefore, we recommend that you find and delete them.


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